Jet Fuel

High Country Diesel x Aspen OG Jet Fuel is an absolute classic sativa strain. Just like the namesake, she reeks of straight diesel fuel all the way through with backgrounds of pine. With her sharp, pungent aroma comes extremely focused and energetic effects that fade into a creative euphoria on the tail end. Jet Fuel

Cherry Bomb

(Green Crack x Pineapple Express) x Cherry Pie Cherry Bomb is the newest addition to the Freya lineup. This cultivar is an exquisite Sativa, unique to the market as she was bred locally here in Skagit Valley, and gifted to us, years ago, by a friend. Cherry Bomb boasts an aroma of sweet and tropical,

Garlic Breath

GMO x Mendo Breath Garlic Breath, bred by Thug Pug genetics, is a straight savory strain. Reeking of fresh garlic and dankness, Garlic Breath expresses heady, dank, and funky vibes stemming from her coveted genetics (GMO x Mendo Breath). Sativa/Indica: 40/60 Terpenes: Limonene, B-Caryophyllene, Pinene. Aroma: An absolute smack in the face aroma of dank garlic with

Kush Mint

Bubba Kush x Animal Mints Kush Mint is a heavy mama jama of a indica-hybrid strain! Bred by Seed Junky Genetics, Kush Mint is a cross of the stony, buzzy Animal Mints with a heavy classic, Bubba Kush. She offers a bright and fresh, OG gas aroma with a heavy, thick smoke. The only thing

Bananas n Pyjamas

Apple Fritter x Apples & Bananas Bananas n Pyjamas is a one-of-a-kind cultivar. Expressing her elite genetics, Apple Fritter x Apples & Bananas, this strain has strong notes of fruit and GAS! Her euphoria comes from her mama, Apple Fritter, while her stoney baloney nature gaseous qualities come from her papal, Apples & Bananas. Sativa/Indica:


Jack Herer x G13 XJ-13 is a legendary sativa strain in our lineup. Birthed as a breeding project in the garden of Ed Rosenthal himself, XJ-13 marries the incredible Jack Herer with G13, a classic daytime indica. XJ offers a beautifully bright, citrus pine aroma and offers blissful, creative, and mind-expanding effects that can be

Modified Mints

GMO x SinMint Cookies Modified Mints is a gorgeous indica dominant strain, created by Sin City seeds from a cross of GMO and SinMint Cookies. While finicky to grow and not the heaviest of yielders, she offers a beautifully fresh, funky aroma with buds that look as if they were dusted in a sugary snow

Rainbow Belts

Zkittlez x Moonbow Rainbow Belts, aka Zkittlez on steroids, is a jaw-dropping hybrid strain. A creation from Archive Seed Bank, Rainbow Belts is a cross between Zkittlez and Moonbow (Zkittlez x Do-si-dos). Heavy on the Zkittlez, she boasts beautiful, dark purple buds and reeks of a strong fruity aroma with backgrounds of earth. Her smoke

Dos Soles

Do-si-Dos x Sunset Sherbet Dos Soles is an incredible all-around indica-dominant strain. Bred as a golden child of two powerhouse strains, Do-si-dos and Sunset Sherbet, Dos Soles brings out the best of both. Boasting a beautiful stony sherb-dominant aroma and high, she receives boosts in potency, beauty, and sprinkles of OG and Cookies vibes from

White Grape

White Grape is a wonderfully balanced hybrid strain that came to us unnamed, with minimal info, as a breeders secret on the origins. Her aroma is a bouquet of sweet and fresh white grape juice. Unlike we’ve smelled before! Sativa/Indica: 40/60 Terpenes: Pinene, Myrcene, Limonene Aroma: A fragrant, fruity champagne aroma alongside a smooth grapey flavor.