We use 100% flower in our prerolls. Have you ever grabbed a couple prerolls and headed out to the beach, only to find they tasted like lawn clippings? That has happened to us. Which, is why we use flower instead of shake (leaf material). There is nothing like a freshly ground and rolled joint. However, twisting up a freshy is not always convenient… so the next best thing is, a Freya all flower preroll.

Our flagship prerolls come in packs of two half gram doobies. Sometimes, a whole gram preroll is more than the occasion requires, plus the option of fresh flavor now and fresh flavor later never goes out of style.

For those whom, “only a whole gram will do,” we also got you covered there. Request a whole gram preroll today. You will be pleased.

And for those whom, “only a whole gram infused preroll will do,” we also got you covered. Request an infused preroll today. Extra punch and flavor for the journey.