We search high and low to find phenotypes of strains we love. We call that the “pheno hunt.”

What is a Phenotype?

The genetic composition of the plant, also called the genotype, defines the type of growth. The genotype allows the plant to express a range of different growth possibilities. But it is the specific environment the plant is grown in which allows particular types of inherent characteristics to express and dominate.

This physical expression of a genotype is called the “phenotype.” This simply means, the traits that the environment pulls out from the plant’s genetics. The environment, therefore, can steer various plant properties including color, shape, smell, and resin production.

Ultimately the pheno hunt is looking for the sister, who has the bells and whistles, we all love. From seed pop to the store shelf, takes well over a year. Most seed pops do not make it on the menu… therefore, the ones that do really make us smile.