A Passion for Cannabis:

Freya Farm was established in 2007 and we’ve been rocking steady ever since! We are local and family-owned and operated. Our Cannabis roots go back to the early 70s, (our parents grew for personal use and one time the cops kicked the door in!) what a long, strange trip it’s been! Freya is a family of amazing people who are passionate about high quality cannabis. The vibes around the farm are open and positive with a natural rhythm of up-beat, high spirited productivity. We see love as THE key ingredient necessary to grow the Cannabis that we all prefer. Our mission is nothing short of world peace and good weed!

We Believe in Infinite Love

There is no end to creativity and imagination rooted in love. Ultimately love reigns supreme. As we have seen, we can deny this as long as we want… and eventually, we all come around to love. It is our birthright, why wait? Do we all fall down? Of course we do. Thankfully love is not going away. In our hyper-stimulated reality love vibes can appear so subtle at first, they can be missed entirely. With practice and devotion, sensitivity increases until love is the most exhilarating thing we can experience. From this perspective the world is a beautiful place. Wow, this, is a good joint!

Boots on The Ground

Our facility was built with our own hands, sweat, and engineering. We spent many days on AutoCAD before diving into construction. (In our previous iteration we were in construction.) It is a very high-tech farm, and we know it inside and out. When people tour the farm, especially other growers, we hear over and over, some version of, “How does everything look so healthy?” The answer is a multifaceted approach that involves strong genetics, our own custom soil blend, a nutrient program developed over the years, an integrated pest management program with bio predators and certified organic products, state of the art environmental control systems, and most importantly, we just can’t say it enough, a passionately dedicated and motivated team.

Genetics is key, without which, all the care in the world will only get as far as the phenotype is able to genetically express. We are always pheno-hunting, which is a slow process. Out of 100 precious seeds we are lucky if we get one rock star… and it takes a year minimum to bring it to market.

One more critical key to flavor is how the flower is handled post-harvest.  We slow dry at low temperatures and cure in humidity controlled stainless steel vaults. Then we package the orders into glass jars as they come in. We design and produce all our labels in house… technically the labels don’t do much for the flavor, but we pretend they do.

At the end of the day, we are a family farm with hogs, chickens, goats, cats, dogs, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and of course cannabis. Everyone at the farm shares in the work and the bounty and we are all learning as we go.

We sincerely hope you enjoy flavorful and smooth cannabis as much as we do.